Did you ever have a girl friend or boy friend that you loved so much that they consumed the majority of your thoughts, yet they constantly broke your heart? Every time you were with them you tried to improve the relationship, but were always frustrated by the lack of improvement. Finally, you either married them or dumped them. THAT'S GOLF!!! It's my athletic form of "crack". Every time I play, I love it, I hate it, I swear I'll never do it again. And that is on the first hole.

If you, like me, spend half of your waking hours searching for those ever elusive golf tips that will help you improve your consistency and lower your golf scores, this is the golf site for you.

Remember that par 5 where you were on in 2 (and took a 6), that chip that you holed out from 40 yards, that 30 foot putt that you sank for a birdie. For most of us, those truly GREAT golf shots are so infrequent, we remember them forever.

You know that you still have that GREAT golf shot somewhere inside of you, but you can't seem to find it when you really need it. If you have ever hit a GREAT golf shot, you are capable of hitting it again.

None of us will ever be Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson, or Annika Sorenstam. But, by finding the golf advice that will help you improve your golf swing technique, your golf swing mechanics, your golf club and golf equipment selection, your game will improve.

Whether you need golf tips for beginners, swing tips, driving, chipping, or putting tips, I will share those tips that have helped me improve my golf game. I also have included a special section with tips from golf pros, like Jack Nicklaus.

And finally, most say that golf is 90% mental. We will explore how you can develop more golf confidence and reduce your golf anxiety, through various mental tips. I have found that some of these mental tips will do more to improve your game than that Big Bertha driver, those Ben Hogan wedges, or that Odyssey two-ball putter that you've had your eye on.

So, join me, as we explore those golf tips that will help us hit more fairways, greens, and pars.

"It took me seventeen years to get 3000 hits in baseball.
I did it in one afternoon on the golf course."
Hank Aaron

Conduct golf ball reviews, select the right ball for your game , stick with that one ball, and you can easily knock 2-5 strokes off of your next round.
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