There is an old saying, "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting." If fixing a golf slice is the result that you want, you must first take a look at the type of golf slice that you have, find the RIGHT golf slice cure, and get good golf slice instruction.

Curing a slice will take some serious work, but it could be as easy as buying a good golf tip magazine, a good golf instructional video, watching Michael Breed (The Golf Fix on the Golf Channel), or going to YouTube and typing in "golf slice fix", "golf slice cures", or "golf slice instruction".

You could just hire Butch Harmon or Hank Haney to fly in and spend a week or two with you to help you stop slicing.

Or,,,,,,,,,,if you are serious about finding a golf slice cure, talk to friends or other golfers who have actually done it, get the name of a good PGA Professional, and get some personalized golf slice instruction about fixing a golf slice.

Is it really a slice?

Most of us regular guy golfers tend to describe any golf shot that ends up in the right rough,,,, or woods,,,, or lake,,,, or parking lot, a slice, if you are a right-handed golfer.

Actually, there are 4 basic types of golf shots that are referred to as slices.

A Push

A push is a shot that starts right and just keeps going right. It is basically a straight shot that was hit in the wrong direction. The main cause of a push is an open club face at impact with an inside out swing path.

A Push Slice

A push slice is a golf shot that starts right, and unlike the push, curves even further right. Can you say banana ball? It is caused by an open club face at impact and an inside to inside swing path.

A Fade

A fade is a golf shot that starts out straight or slightly left, gets your hopes up, then slowly tails off to the right. A fade is caused by an open club face at impact and an outside to inside swing path.

Finally, The Slice

The true slice is a golf shot that begins it's flight pattern to the left and then curves to the right. It takes a much more dramatic right hand turn than the fade. It is caused by a straight to open club face and an outside to inside swing path (over the top).

Golf Slice Fix

After finally figuring out whether on not you need a golf slice cure, and diagnosing the problem that you are actually having, it is time to start looking at all of the possible causes. Just what exactly is the correct golf slice fix, or golf slice fixes, for your game.

Regular Guy Golf Slice Tip

Have a friend take a video camera and film your golf swing. Take a front view, back view, and views from both sides. View the film at regular speed and in slow motion. Swing in your natural manner, actually hitting a ball. (Make sure your friend ducks when he takes the front view, or,,,,if you're like me, just aim at him. That will guarantee that you absolutely will not hit him.)

When you view the video, look at your grip, your set-up, your stance, your alignment, swing plane, swing path, ball flight......I think I just ran out of breath.

Fixing a golf slice is a very complicated cure to a very complicated problem. After you have viewed your video and found several problems that need a cure, work on one problem at a time. As you correct each individual issue to stop slicing, you will find that curing your slice will add satisfaction and pleasure to your golf game.

Golf is played by 20 million mature American men whose wives think they are out having fun.

Jim Bishop

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