Conduct a good golf ball review

Conducting good golf ball reviews is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to add the consistency you are looking for to help you lower your golf scores. Find the kind of ball that is the best fit for your game. Select the one, two , or three balls within that category that are within your price range and ball striking abilities. Play with that ball exclusively.

Regular Guy Tip

Give all of your current golf balls to your buddies, or leave them on the first tee.

Golf ball selection: How do I do it?

Tiger plays Nike, so it must be the best golf ball.
Phil plays Callaway, so maybe I should buy Callaway golf balls.
But Titleist is the #1 golf ball.

So, how do you decide?

The first step is to look at your game. Are you a high handicap golfer, a low handicap golfer, a hooker, a slicer, a butcher, a baker, a candle-stick maker? You need to truly evaluate your game.

If most of your drives are 280 and end up in the fairway, you probably don't need a distance ball. If most of your drives are 280 and end up in the woods, you probably don't need a soft, high spin ball.

So, you need to determine what you do well, what you do poorly, what would help you improve your golf game, and conduct a good golf ball review to help you determine which golf ball will help you improve your game.

The articles below (at the bottom of this page) will help you in your golf ball selection process.

Oh yea, lower scores.

Professional golfers are some of the most consistent ball strikers. That's how they became pro's. Do you ever see Phil brag to his playing partners that he just found a new Nike Platinum One in the woods? Or Tiger spend an extra 3 minutes with his golf ball retriever pulling balls out of the lake?


They all play with the same ball every day. Yes the golf ball manufacturers provide them with their balls. But do you think that if someone guaranteed Steve Stricker that he would win the Masters this year if he switched golf balls he wouldn't buy his own?

Consistency is achieved by doing the same thing over and over until it is engrained. If you conduct golf ball reviews of all of the major brands, select the right golf ball for your game, and use it consistently, you will most certainly lower your golf scores

The older I get, the better I used to be.
Lee Trevino

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