Use Golf Ball Specifications To Pick The Best Golf Ball For You

Your knowledge of golf ball specifications can easily be used to pick the best golf ball for you, improve your golf consistency, and instantly lower your golf scores.

If you look in the regular guy's golf bag, you will probably find a golf ball selection that resembles the dog selection at the Humane Society. The only similarity among them is that they are round and have golf ball dimples.

What is it about the golfer psyche that does not allow us to find a ball in the woods, or fish one out of the pond, and give it away? It's kinda like we just found a diamond in the rough, and if it is a new Pro V1, we just hit the mother lode.

The 2 ruling bodies for golf, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the R&A (formerly The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews) have developed very strict rules for golf ball specifications so that no one player can have an unfair advantage over any other. These specifications include:

  • Golf Ball Weight
  • Golf Ball Diameter
  • Golf Ball Size
  • Golf Ball Distance
  • Golf Ball Velocity
  • Golf Ball Color
  • Golf Ball Design
  • For a golf ball to be conforming (legal), it must meet the strict standards that have been established by the ruling bodies of golf, otherwise it is deemed to be an illegal golf ball and could cost you a lost round or the first round at the 19th hole.

    Conforming Golf Balls

    The ruling bodies have established a document that defines and lists ALL of the golf balls that conform to the standard golf ball specifications.

    Every golf ball that is legal for play is listed by:

  • Pole and Seam Markings -All of the writing on the ball
  • Golf Ball Color - They can be just about any color
  • Golf Ball Construction - 2-3-4-5 piece construction, # of covers, core composition
  • Golf Ball Spin Rating - High, Medium, or Low both for a driver and a short iron
  • Golf ball Dimples - How many?
  • Country of Manufacture - Obvious
  • Golf Ball Manufacturer - There are way more than you think!
  • To access the USGA Conforming Golf Ball List, go to:

    USGA Conforming Golf Ball List

    You will have big fun looking through the list.

    Regular Guy Tip

    Take all of the golf balls out of your golf bag and look up the golf ball specifications for each individual ball.

    Now, is it any wonder that you can't find any kind of consistency in your golf game? Pick one that you hit well, remove the super glue from your wallet, buy a couple of dozen new golf balls, and give the rest to your greedy friends.

    And if you are really anal retentive, print out the PDF version of the list (35 pages), put it in your golf bag, and bore your playing partners into submission by giving them all of the details of their particular golf ball selection. I guess that's one way to win (or get sent to the wrong venue for the next round!)

    "It's bad sportsmanship to pick up lost balls while they are still rolling."

    Mark Twain

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