Golf club grips are notably the most under-rated and over-looked piece of golf equipment among the majority of amateur golfers in the world today. They are the only piece of golf equipment that you touch (excluding the occasional foot wedge) on every single golf shot between the tee and the green.

So, why is it that we will pay close to $50.00 for a dozen Pro V1 golf balls, $25.00 for a Titleist golf hat, or $300.00 for that Ping G15 driver, and continue to play with golf grips that that are as smooth and cracked as a baby's butt? A friend and I recently regriped all of my golf clubs for less than $50.00 and a case of beer (and I drank half of the beer).

Golf club grips are the Rodney Dangerfield of golf equipment, "They just don't get no respect!"


I have a friend, we'll call him Rob, who recently purchased a new set of high-end golf clubs. He paid close to $2,000.00. (Why he didn't get fitted by a professional club fitter and have them custom made to his exact specifications, I don't know, but that is a whole different story.) The clubs all came with standard sized golf grips. Rob is well over 6 feet tall (2 meters) and has very large hands. The grips are too small for him and he is not getting the most out of his beautiful new clubs. He plays no better than he did with his old clubs.

To play your best golf, it is essential that you fit your clubs with the correct size golf grips. They come in 4 basic sizes:

  • Undersize
  • Standard
  • Mid-Size
  • Oversize
  • To determine the correct golf grip sizing for you, go to golf grip sizing.

    Using the wrong size golf club grips is like wearing the wrong size golf shoes or the wrong size golf hat. They might look good, just not on you.

    Golf Grip Manufacturers

    There are many high quality golf grip manufacturers, the 3 biggest being:

  • Golf Pride Grips
  • Winn Golf Grips
  • Lamkin Golf Grips
  • Other golf grip manufacturers include:

  • Sharpro Golf Grips
  • Avon Golf Grips
  • C-Thru Golf Grips
  • Royal Golf Grips
  • Most golf club manufacturers are also able to supply you with OEM golf grips.

    And, several of the golf grip manufacturers listed above, along with several specialty manufacturers, can supply you with special golf club grips, such as golf putter grips, ladies golf grips, junior golf grips, and golf grips specially designed for people who suffer from arthritis.

    Replacement Golf Club Grips

    Replacing golf grips is generally recommended once a year for the average golfer. If you play several times a week, especially in severe weather, you should be changing golf club grips more often.

    Inspect your grips on a regular basis. Pay particular attention to:

  • Worn spots
  • Cracks
  • Hard and shiny spots
  • Slippery grips

  • Regular Guy Golf Tip

    Don't let old, worn out, or mis-sized golf grips keep you from performing as well as you possibly can.

    Getting different golf club grips on your clubs, changing grips on a regular basis, even learning how to install golf grips yourself can add significant pleasure to your golf game (and probably knock several strokes off of your score).

    I promised my wife I wouldn't say this, but I just couldn't help myself:

    "GET A GRIP"

    "Someone once told me that there was more to life than golf. I think it was my ex-wife."

    Bruce Lansky

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