Having the wrong size golf club grips on your golf clubs can cause a medley of problems. Proper golf grip sizing can help you fix a golf slice, reduce that pull hook, and improve your golf game by several strokes. Follow these easy guidelines to ensure that you are not hurting your game by using the wrong golf grip size. It just may be the only thing stopping you from having the perfect golf grip and hitting the perfect golf shot.

There are 4 basic golf grip sizes:

  • Undersized Golf Grips
  • Standard Sized Golf Grips
  • Midsized Golf Grips
  • Oversized Golf Grips
  • The majority of "off-the-shelf" golf clubs come with standard sized golf grips, however, most golf retailers are able to order clubs from the golf club manufacturers with the best golf grip size for you. Or, for a fee (usually around $100.00 U.S., depending on the golf grip that you select) they can install replacement golf club grips that are perfect for you.

    Golf Grip Sizing the Easy Way

    Prior to a few years ago, I didn't know that golf club grips came in more than one size. After trying one of my friends clubs that he had just had regriped, a whole new world opened up to me. He had softer midsize golf grips installed and they felt perfect to me. Shortly thereafter, I bought new Golf Pride soft midsized grips ($3.95 each), and had an experienced friend help me install them in his garage. So, for less than $50.00 U.S. and a case of beer (I drank half of the beer), I had the correct size grips on my clubs.

    So, how do you get a rough idea of whether or not your golf grips are the correct size for you?

    Take any of your golf clubs and grip it as if you were going to actually hit a golf ball. Remove your right hand from the club (if you are a "leftie", well, you know what to do) and turn your left hand inward so that you are looking at your finger tips. If the tips of your middle finger and your ring finger just touch the pad at the base of your thumb, you have approximately the correct grip size. If your fingers do not touch, your golf club grip is probably too big. If they wrap further around your grip then you probably need a larger size grip.

    Golf Grip Sizing Using Your Golf Glove

    A better way to determine golf grip sizing is to compare your golf glove size to your golf grip size.

    Here ar some general guidelines:

    Golf Glove Size............Golf Grip Size

  • Women's Small/Junior......Junior/Undersize
  • Women's Medium............Undersize
  • Women's Large...............Undersize/Standard
  • Men's Small/Cadet Small...Undersize/Standard
  • Men's Med./Cadet Med......Standard
  • Men's Med. Large/Cadet....Standard
  • Men's Large/Cadet Large...Standard/Midsize
  • Men's X-Large/Cadet XL....Midsize/Oversize
  • These are just general guidelines. Golf grip sizes can be adjusted further by adding additional layers of grip tape.

    Regular Guy Golf Tip

    If all of this seems way too complicated, simply go to a quality golf retailer that has a fitting center, find a fitter that looks like they have been doing this for more than 15 minutes, and ask for their help. Or, see a PGA Professional.

    Golf grip sizing does not have to be a complicated process. Installing different golf grips on your clubs can be as easy as a trip to your favorite golf store or as in-depth as a full-blown club fitting. Either way, finding the best golf grips for your needs will help solve some of those golf problems and help lower your golf scores.

    "Golf's 3 ugliest words: You're still away."

    Dave Marr

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