Illegal Golf Balls: Improve Golf Driving Distance By 25 Yards!

Can illegal golf balls really improve golf driving distance by 25 yards or have you putting like a genius? Is it like having a golf ball cannon?

The answer is, well, yea, maybe. If the claims of the manufacturers are true.

So, just what exactly makes a golf ball illegal?

The United States Golf Association, the ruling authority for the United States and Mexico, and the R&A (formerly the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews), the ruling authority for the rest of the world, publish a document entitled "Conforming Golf Balls".

"Conforming Golf Balls" is a 35 page document that lists every golf ball that conforms to specific golf ball specifications. There are currently over 1,000 golf balls that meet the standards of fair play. The list is updated on the first Wednesday of each month.

To access the complete USGA Conforming Golf Ball List, go to:

USGA Conforming Golf Ball List

Golf Ball Specifications

Each conforming golf ball undergoes extensive golf ball testing and is rated by:

  • Golf Ball Color
  • Golf Ball Construction
  • Golf Ball Spin Rating
  • Golf Ball Dimples
  • Country of Manufacturer
  • Golf Ball Manufacturer
  • You can go to or for the latest list.

    If a ball is NOT on the list it is non-conforming, or "illegal".

    Illegal Golf Balls In Use

    Bandit Golf Balls

    Advertised as "World Record Holder For Distance". Add 10% to your golf ball driving distance. The Bandit Golf Ball is both too heavy and too small to meet USGA golf ball standards. ($27.95/dozen)

    Pirate Long Golf Balls

    Advertised as "The World's Longest Golf Ball". 20-25 yards longer off the tee. The Pirate Golf Ball is both too heavy and too small to meet USGA golf ball standards. ($19.95/dozen)

    Polara Golf Balls

    Advertised as "a revolutionary design that reduces golf hooks and golf slices by 75%". Pounce Sports does not intend to submit the ball to the USGA for approval. ($24.95/dozen)

    Desperado Illegal Golf Balls

    Advertised "Wanted: The Long Distance Outlaw Ball". The secret: A blazing hot core. The Desperado is both too small and too heavy. ($27.95/dozen)

    The "A" Ball

    You get the picture.

    There are several other "outlaw" balls on the market. These are just a few to whet your appetite.

    Regular Guy Tip

    I ain't rushin' out to "amaze my friends and neighbors" by using illegal golf balls.

    Talking to your golf ball won't do you any good...
    Unless you do it while your opponent is teeing off.

    Bruce Lansky

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