Great Putting Instruction:
Your Immediate Key to
Lower Golf Scores

Get great putting instruction, NOW. Learning to putt more efficiently and improving your golf putting technique by practicing putting drills may not have you putting like a genius, but it is the simplest and the easiest way to lower your golf scores.

How many putts do you make in a round of golf? Betcha' don't know.

What if you could eliminate 3 putts?

Get rid of the putting yips?

Find simple putting tips to improve your putting grip and putting stroke?

Do you spend hours at the driving range pounding range balls into oblivion, only to find that when you get on the first tee, that perfect little draw that you developed has suddenly turned into a monster slice and you spend the next 10 minutes in the woods with the mosquitoes and other people's golf balls? You take a drop, hit your 5 wood on the green, and 3 putt. Double bogey.

Now, what if you didn't try to murder your drive, left your golf ball in the fairway, hit the same 5 wood onto the green, and 2 putted for par. Seems so simple.

Becoming a better putter helps you relax, improve consistency, and shoot lower golf scores.

Golf Putting Improvement

It has been said by personal performance experts that "If it can be measured, it can be improved."

So, the first step in golf putting improvement is to know how many putts you are now averaging per round. You can bet that Phil Mickleson, Tiger Woods, and Steve Stricker can tell you EXACTLY what their putting average is.

Just as a point of reference, these are some of the PGA Tour professional golfer's averages through December 4, 2011:

  • Kevin Na (#1) 27.75
  • Steve Stricker 27.96
  • Luke Donald 28.03
  • Fredrik Jacobson 28.19
  • Brian Gay 28.28
  • Rickie Fowler 28.35
  • Jason Day 28.37
  • Bryce Molder 28.38
  • Aaron Baddeley 28.39
  • Boo Weekley (#186)30.84
  • So, even Boo Weekley, #186 on tour, averages less that 2 puts per hole.

    Remember, the best golfers in the world pay their golf coaches handsomely for putting instruction. For them, it can mean an extra $1,000,000 this year. For us regular guy golfers, it could mean an extra $18.00 skin!

    Regular Guy Golf Putting Tip

    On your next round, keep count of the number of putts. If you really want to improve, categorize your results: 1-3 feet, 3-10 feet, 10-15 feet, 15+ feet. This will tell you where you need putting instruction and give you direction as to which putting drills to use for golf putting improvement.

    Golf Putting Technique

    If improving your consistency and lowering your golf scores is really important to you, good putting instruction is a must. For most of us regular guy and regular gal golfers, simply eliminating 3 putts (or 4 putts?) could lower our scores by 3-5 strokes per round. The next time you plan on visiting the driving range to work on getting an extra 10 yards out of your drive, switch gears and go to the golf practice putting greens and work on your putting grip, some simple putting drills, and by learning to putt more efficiently, I can guarantee you will improve your golf scores (and probably.......... your disposition).

    I was lying 10 and had a 35 foot putt. I whispered over my shoulder "How does this one break?" My caddie replied "Who cares?"

    Jack Lemmon

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