Learning how to stop slicing will add distance and accuracy to your golf game. You will loose your temper less often, relax, say F<&*! less often, and significantly improve your enjoyment of every round. And, your scores will come down!

It has been estimated that 90% of all golfers suffer from this malady. Golf slice cures can be as simple as listening to that guy in your league or your regular foursome who knows everything there is to know about golf (yet, somehow, still maintains a 20+ handicap) or hiring a PGA Professional to give you individualized golf slice instruction (probably a better option).

Golf Slice Cures

For most of us regular guy golfers, who are either too self conscious, too stupid, or too cheap to do what is really necessary (short of joining Slicers Anonymous), there are several things we can do to stop slicing.

Switch to one of the offset drivers

Most of the golf equipment manufacturers now make offset drivers with a draw bias that will help you square up the club face at impact. At the high end, you can go to a PGA Professional, have them analyze your fundamentals, and recommend the best driver to help cure your golf slice. Or have a golf club custom fitting and have a driver (of complete set of golf clubs) built for your specific game.

On the low end, go to a golf retailer who carries used golf clubs, and buy a "draw" biased driver to try.

In an attempt to fix my slice, or at least neutralize it, I recently visited a large Golfsmith store where I found a used (or as they prefer to say "pre-owned") Adams SpeedLine Draw driver that was in like new condition, for $119.95. They even threw in the original head cover. I can try it for 2 weeks and if I don't like it, I can return it for 90% of my cost. But that ain't gonna' happen, because it really helped to fix my slice.

Many retailers have an in-house driving range where you can try out the golf club before you buy it. Sometimes to cure a slice, it is easier to develop a draw.

Switch to a distance golf ball

One of the reasons that you can't stop slicing may be due to poor golf ball selection. If you are using a high spin golf ball and the face of your golf club is not square at impact, you will exaggerate the side spin imparted on the ball and a slice (or hook) will be inevitable. By switching to a ball with less spin, you will hit the golf ball longer and straighter. The best golf ball for Tiger's game ain't necessarily the best golf ball for your game.

While these golf tips for fixing a golf slice won't cause you to play slice free golf, they are cheap and easy tips to help you fix a golf slice.

Golf Slice Instruction

The causes of a golf slice are so individualized and so many that most of us need individualized golf instruction to diagnose the cause of our slice and find a suitable cure.

Just a few of the causes may include:

  • Poor Golf Grip Technique
  • Improper Golf Grip Sizing
  • Bad Golf Club Selection
  • Wrong Golf Ball Selection
  • Poor Alignment
  • Open Golf Stance
  • Closed Golf Stance
  • Improper Alignment
  • Tight Pants
  • Tight Pants on the Woman in the Next Foursome
  • Bad Glasses

  • Regular Guy Golf Tip

    Find a certified swing instructor, a PGA Professional, or a clergy member, and get the guidance that you need to STOP SLICING. Your golf game will improve, your mental state will improve, and, most importantly, your language will improve.

    "I'm not saying that my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes, they would come up sliced."

    Lee Trevino

    Fixing a Golf Slice

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